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Kene & Michaela - Timi Beach - Paphos - 09.09.20

Updated: May 28, 2021

How did the proposal happen?

We were in France in the seaside town where we met. We'd just had dinner at our favorite restaurant and Kene was weirdly keen to get to the beach to watch the sunset. We made the short walk to the beach just as the sun was setting and I said "This is my favorite place in the world", to which Kene replied "What would make it better?" and got down on one knee. As a bonus, we got a standing ovation from a group of French teenagers.

How did you choose your venue?

After having our original wedding plans scuppered by COVID, Kene Googled "Easiest place in Europe to get married" and tried to convince me we should just take a week off work and elope. At first, I was really against the idea, as I'd made so many plans for my 'perfect day, but after Kene showed me the Tie The Knot website and Lee's amazing photos, I was sold and we flew to Cyprus the next week! I'm so glad things ended up the way they did. Our intimate sunset ceremony on the beach was perfect, especially given how we met, and how Kene proposed.

Where did you buy your dress from, what designer was it, and was it your first choice?

The dress I wore was less than £100 from Warehouse and it was perfect for the beach setting. My 'first choice' dress cost a lot more than £100 and is currently unworn and in a box under our bed.

Tell us about your wedding shoes, where did you get them, were they, designer?

I was barefoot!

What perfume did you choose to wear on the day?

Tocca Cleopatra, it's my favorite.

Where did you buy the groom's suit from and how did you decide on the colour?

As we only had a week to find something, and all the shops were shut, Kene ordered a bunch of stuff online. For our casual beach ceremony, we ended up going low-key with chinos, braces, a shirt, a bowtie, and no jacket. I think he looked pretty good :)

How did you choose the bridesmaid's dresses, colors & where did you get them from?

We didn't have any bridesmaids or wedding party! It was just the two of us with the Tie The Knot team as our witnesses. A far cry from the eight bridesmaids in our original wedding party.

Tell us about your wedding day decor, how did you choose what you had and what did you love most?

The sunset really came through & the clouds stayed away. It was Ideal.

What entertainment did you book, why and did the guests enjoy it?

Vicki provided us with a Bluetooth speaker and DJ'd the ceremony. We enjoyed a little dance on the beach, then had a fancy meal (served by a personal butler) on a private jetty outside our hotel, and finished the night with a dip in the sea.

Tell us about your cake, why that design and what flavour(s) did you choose?

We didn't have a cake. We had Negronis instead. (The Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail, made of one part gin, one part vermouth Rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel.)

Who was your photographer, why did you book them and what did you think of your wedding photos?

We had the man himself, Lee Squirrell, ️ Lee's photos are beautiful and a huge part of what got me over the line to elope in the first place. I don't think we could love our wedding photos more than we do.

What advice would you give a couple looking to have their wedding in Cyprus?

Just email Vicki and Maria and let them sort everything out. Our wedding only had 5 days lead time and everything went perfectly from paperwork to ceremony. We had absolutely no stress to interfere with our wedding (or holiday).

What one snippet of advice would you give a couple for their actual wedding day?

Relax and enjoy it. Remember why you're doing it in the first place.

Tell us about one other memorable moment from your wedding day?

Kene catching my bouquet is something I'll never forget.

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Wedding Planner - Tie the Knot Cyprus

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