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Nasr and Sandra - Atlantida Beach Bar -19.07.19

How did the proposal happen?

New Year’s Eve 2018; we were chilling then Nasr grabbed the ring he hid in the couch pocket. He said he tried to wait until midnight but he couldn’t. He asked me to marry him and I obviously said yes

How did you choose your venue?

We chose the venue from Tie The Knot website as we wanted a beach wedding and the colors of the venue in the pictures seemed like they would look great in pictures!

Where did you buy your dress from, what designer was it and was it your first choice?

My dress was from ‘The Perfect Bride’ in Lebanon. It was my first choice; I then tried a dozen more but with each one all I thought was ‘yes, it’s nice but the first one I tried is still winning’!

Tell us about your wedding shoes, where did you get them, were they designer?

For the shoes, I wanted comfortable sandals so I went with white open toes sandals with a twist in its block heels from Charles and Keith

What perfume did you choose to wear on the day?

I wore Dahlia Divin from Givenchy on the big day

Where did you buy the grooms suit from and how did you decide on the colour?

We wanted to go with a fresh and young color so we chose a colorful navy blue groom - best-man matching suits with non-cliché salmon shirts from Sacoor Brothers

How did you choose the bridesmaids dresses, colours & where did you get them from?

We wanted everyone to be at ease during our wedding to enjoy themselves so we gave the bridesmaid to pick her own dress with a request to match the wedding theme

Tell us about your wedding day decor, how did you choose what you had and what did you love most?

I love the color rose-gold which is classy but casual so I went for a rose-gold theme which Cyprus Wedding Touches & I loved the name tags the most which Tie the Knot provided. I also loved how all the venue and the theme colors all interacted to created very beautiful pictures!

What entertainment did you book, why and did the guests enjoy it?

We booked a DJ. Most our guests were Lebanese family members who are usually known for the love of parties and dance. Everyone enjoyed every bit.

Tell us about your cake, why that design and what flavour(s) did you choose?

For the cake, from Love Island, we chose a safe flavour, chocolate of course with salted caramel buttercream with minimalistic design matching the color theme and my pearls (jewellery of the day). We topped it with our customised 3D-printed figurine.

Who was your photographer, why did you book them and what did you think of your wedding photos?

We booked Lee Squirrell Photography as our photographer, Lee and Bridget mostly because we thought that the fact they often work closely with Vicki and Maria will make the planning and the wedding day easier. We were not wrong! Moreover, the photos were so colourful and creative.

What advice would you give a couple looking to have their wedding in Cyprus?

If you’re thinking to have a Cyprus destination wedding, I suggest to let the professionals be in charge of the day. Our experience with Vicki and Maria (Lee, Bridget and everyone who was part of our wedding really) was amazing! We had all our requests and expectations met, we had the chance to decide on every detail while they were there to guide us into the right direction.

What one snippet of advice would you give a couple for their actual wedding day?

The most important thing to remember is that not everything goes according to the plan. However, your guests don’t exactly know what the plan is and chances are that they wouldn’t notice tiny glitches. Don’t stress out, enjoy it and keep the best memories!

Tell us about one other memorable moment from your wedding day?

The best thing in our wedding day was looking around and seeing our guests enjoying their time and having a blast.

The Winning Team Sheet

Wedding Planner - Tie the Knot Cyprus

DJ: Andy Cummings

Transport: Jack & Sons

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