The marriage officer read para A and you will then both be asked to either repeat para B or read it from a card which they will give you, then marriage officer will read para C. 


A. The Marriage Officer reads the following text below: 


"You Insert Name and Insert Name know that by your simultaneous consent which is given publicly and formally in my presence and in the presence of the persons now here, accept each other as your lawful spouse and with the confirmation of this fact by your signature you contract a lawful marriage for all the purposes of civil law.You should further know that your marriage cannot be dissolved during your lifetime except by a valid judgment of a court. If either of you (before the death of the other)


B. Declaration by one to the other before the Marriage Officer and two witnesses read by the Bride and Groom;


"I call upon all persons here present to witness that I "Insert Name" accept you "Insert Name" as my lawful spouse, to love and to share with you as from this day, moments of joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty, happiness and unhappiness, throughout our life until death do separate us" 


C. Declaration by the Marriage Officer; 
"As from this moment I pronounce you man and wife. You are joined together by your free consent in matrimony and you owe it to each other love, fidelity and respect throughout your life. This marriage constitutes the fulfilment of your life and links your destinies on good and rainy days, in happiness and unhappiness, in wealth and poverty, until death do separate you. On the basis of equality you should face together all the problems and all the difficulties of life. Together you should shoulder the burdens of marriage each one according to your possibilities. You have both the right and obligation to take care of the upbringing and education of your children so that they may become useful citizens with free personalities" 


During the exchange of rings you will both be asked to say 

"I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage and as a symbol of my love. I Promise to care for you, to respect you, love and cherish you. Wear it with pride and happiness now and for always"