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  • The tour operators deal with 100's of brides a year and you may feel at times just like a number until you actually arrive in Cyprus and meet the person looking after you in resort. Independent wedding planners offer a much more personal service as they treat each bride individually. You'll also find that with an independent planner you'll be dealing with the same wedding planner all the way through the wedding planning process and they will be there on your special day. 

  • You'll find that weddings with most tour operators are actually dealt with by a 3rd party, so communication can often be slow and not very informative. Independent wedding planners are always quick to respond and are happy to share information and answer all your questions individually rather than just sending you a frequently asked questions info sheet.

  • When booking your wedding date with a tour operator you'll have to request a date often with 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice option and you can wait weeks even months to get your date and time confirmed. With an independent wedding planner, you'll be asked which date and time you prefer and if it's available you'll know your date usually within 24 / 48 hours. 

  • You are often required to book all your services via the tour operator which limits your choice and will more than likely be more expensive. Often by booking via an independent wedding planner, you'll find they have arrangements with the hotels direct that they can use their own suppliers as some hotels restrict you to approved suppliers. Some independent wedding planners also restrict you to their suppliers too, however that's where I'm different you can book as little or as much as you like via me.  

  • The tour operators will tell you that booking via them gives you great incentives, like room upgrades, candle lite dinners, spa treatments etc. but what they will not tell you is that most of the time these are incentives are offered by the hotel and you'll get these if you book direct with the hotel or via an independent wedding planner. Don’t forget you can still do a group booking for your holiday and take advantage of group booking discounts even when you book your wedding via an independent wedding planner. 

These are just a few of the reasons why booking via an independent planner is best!

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