I receive so many questions with regards to the legalities in order to marry in Cyprus, so I've decided to put together this little FAQ post to help you get to grips with what you need to do, when and how.

Question: Do I need a Wedding Licence?

Answer: Yes everyone getting married in Cyprus is require to have a wedding licence

Question: When do I need to apply for this licence?

Answer: This is done at the town hall when you arrive in resort.

Question: When do we go to the town hall?

Answer: Normally we will list the town hall within the first two working days of you arriving in resort. I will advise you of the details when I send you your welcome meeting details.

Question: When we go to the town hall, do we need to take our witnesses with us?

Answer: No just photo copies of their passports.

Question: Do I need to give notice of my intent to marry at the local registry office in the UK?

Answer: No not if you live in England or Wales, however if you live in Scotland, you will be applying to the registry office for your M10.

Question: Do we need to do anything when we get home to register our marriage in the UK?

Answer: No currently this is done for you via the British Embassy here in Cyprus, so there is no need to do anything when you get back to the UK.

Question: I hold a British passport and I live in the UK so what documents do I need to bring with me?



  • Full Birth certificates

  • A Valid British passport

  • Single Statutory Declaration (if you live in the UK or Wales)

  • or a Certificate of No Impediment (If you live in Scotland)

  • Photocopies of your Witnesses Passports.


  • Decree Absolute


  • Your original marriage certificate

  • Death certificates of the deceased spouse.


  • Please let me know the reason and I will advise on the required documents.

Question: I hold a British passport but I don't live in the UK, so what documents do I need?

Answer: This depends on where you currently live and for how long you’ve lived there, I’d be happy to advise you more if you wish to contact me.

Question: When do I need to start thinking about my legal documents.

Answer: Approx 3 months before your wedding I will be in touch with you to discuss all your legal paperwork.


Question: I live in England or Wales so I need a Single Statutory Declaration what is this and how do I go about getting one?

Answer: This document is a legal affidavit to state you are free and single to marry, it must be signed by a UK Solicitor or Notary Public, so either will be able to provide you with this service.

Question: Do we both need one?

Answer: Yes

Question: What information needs to be included on this document?

Answer: This Legal document must provide some standard information, in order to help my couples make sure they’ve include this information I've provided a sample template document that you can use and just fill in the banks. CLICK HERE for a copy.

Question: I’ve changed my name since my birth certificate what should I do?

Answer: If either of you have had a change of name since your birth certificate was issued you will need to include this change of name within that Declaration. I’d be happy to advise you on this once I know the reason for your name change.

Question: When do I need to get the Single Statutory Declaration?

Answer: The “Single Statutory Declaration” is only valid for 3 months. It MUST NOT be done before this time otherwise it will not be valid so I normally suggest you make an appointment with your "Notary Public" or “Solicitor” for approx 6 weeks before you are due to depart the UK for Cyprus.

Question: How much will the Single Statutory Declaration cost me?

Answer: In my experience the cost of this can vary from £5 to £50 so I suggest shopping around your local solicitors to get a prices. You can supply the template provide above already completed and they just need to sign and stamp the document. You can both use the same solicitor but you will both require your own “Single Statutory Declaration”. One thing to note is that it’s very important that when they stamp the “Single Statutory Declaration” that the stamp clearly says “solicitors” or "Notary Public"

Question: Does this need to be on the solicitors headed paper?

Answer: No, but the solicitor or notary public must also attach his/hers business card to the Declaration and this card must clearly say "Notary Public" or “Solicitor” rather than partner or the usual legal letters that declare their legal qualifications, only in the past these get lost in translation at the town hall but they all clearly understand the word “solicitor” or "notary public


Question: I live in Scotland and therefore I need a Certificate of No Impediment what is this and where do I get one?

Answer: This is a documents issued by the Scottish Government to sate that you are single and free to marry, this is applied for at your local registry office for marriages, you can find out more up to date details on how to apply by clicking here:

Question: How much will a Certificate of No Impediment cost me?

Answer: The current cost is €30.

Question: Do we both need one?

Answer: Yes

Question: When do I need to get the Certificate of No Impediment?

Answer: The Certificate of No Impediment is only valid for 3 months so it must be signed and dated within 3 months of the date you land in Cyprus. It MUST NOT be done before this time otherwise it will not be valid. Please note they say to allow 29 days for issue of the Certificate of No Impediment so take this into account when you apply.

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