Keeping the kids occupied




Set aside a craft table, anything the kids can make themselves without glue or supervision.  Why not pre make some face masks for them to colour in, or photo frames they can put stickers on. 



Why not pop into the shops and pick up some old fashioned age appropriate board games, to keep them busy! 




  • A disposable camera – disposable cameras are so inexpensive these days, provide one for each child and let them click away. Or try out this genius ‘scavenger hunt’ idea which is available as a free download from Martha Stewart Weddings…how great is that?!. All you need is a list of things for the child to look out for during dinner eg. bridesmaids dancing.

  • A sketchbook and pencils/crayons (no felt tips or paint) – let the children get creative. If you decide to have a children’s table, you could cover it with brown craft paper or rolls of thick white paper and let them draw on the table itself!

  • Activity book – you can buy pre-made activity books or make your own. You could include simple mazes, colouring pages and templates.

  • Finger Puppets – for a little imaginative and furry fun!

  • Bubbles – a little pot of bubbles is always a winner!

  • A sticker book and stickers – farm / zoo / animal sticker books are suitable for boys and girls (or you could go for gender specific stickers but bear in mind that not all little girls are obsessed with princesses and not all little boys are obsessed with superheroes).

  • Treats – You could include fun size packets of Haribo or jelly sweets NOT chocolate. 



You can include all of the above (but with more challenging, age appropriate activity/sticker books).

  • Mini Puzzle (s) – this could be one of those tricky metal puzzles where you have to try and get the pieces unhooked, a rubix cube or a pin ball type game.  Anything that requires a certain amount of concentration.

  • Retro Toys – such as spinning tops, yo yos and kaleidoscopes are also good choices for a wide variety of ages.

  • Lego - Why not pick a simple lego set for them to make and keep. 



The internet is full of pint outs You could opt for print at home activity books, filled with mazes, puzzles, colouring pages, dot to dots, blank templates eg. cakes/faces for children to fill in etc. and pop a set of crayons/colour pencils at each place setting (or in a container between two).






But you could also add pages from their favorite TV  programmes cbeebies has a great selection of printables.

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