• Be clear what and who you are paying for. When it comes to your bridal party's travel expenses, be as clear as possible. Every wedding is different, as is every individual's financial situation. You're not obliged to take care of your bridal party's every expense, but if your expecting them to wear a specific dress or suit of your choosing then it’s reasonable for you to pay for this.

  • Be courteous about finances. Be aware that some guests will decline for financial reasons. If you're planning a Cyprus wedding, consider a few pre-planning options that could lighten the load.

  • Give your guests options: be sure to offer a few options for airlines, accommodation, attire, meals, or eliminate the gift-giving pressure by letting your guests know that “your attendance is considered as your wedding gift to us.”

  • Research, Research, Research: Be sure to check out tour operator group rates, if at all possible choose a date out of the school holidays, keep an eye on holiday deals and options in your chosen area and share these great travel deals with guests to show them they can attend without spending a fortune.

  • Just the two of us. Particularly if everyone's planning on staying at the same hotel as you, you may want to make arrangements for you and your new partner to spend a little time together and do something special, maybe a romantic meal or a special day trip or activity you would both enjoy.

  • How to handle unexpected plus 1's: Do your best be clear on your original invitation exactly who is invited. If a guest shows up at your destination with a date, grin and bear it. It's too late to make a fuss; at this point it's the more the merrier!

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