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Imagine how you’re feeling about walking down an aisle and all the attention is on you, now times this by 10 and imagine being a kid, your surrounded and being looked at by a bunch of adults some you recognise some you don’t, add to this a photographer or two and maybe a videographer and for months you’ve been told by everyone how this is such an important job and how you must look your best and be on your best behaviour, this is a LOT of pressure on a little person.

If they are old enough take some time to talk to them the day before the wedding, take them aside just the two of you and try take some pressure off them, tell them your nervous but also excited. Tell them no matter what happens on the day you’ll be very proud of them and cant wait to party with them after the ceremony is over. Tell them all the exciting things that will happen on the day, try to make them more at ease about the whole experience, don’t build it up to be too much pressure on them and ask their parents to do the same.

ALWAYS have a emergency back up plan, have an adult bridesmaid or one of their parents on stand by to walk with them.

For little ones that cant walk or who just toddle, PLEASE make sure they are walking with an adult or being carried down the aisle and again have in mind that if they choose your aisle walk to have a tantrum have a back up plan for someone to take them aside and help calm them down, your aisle walk cant be delayed you CANT BE LATE, so bear this in mind.

Practice doesn’t always make “PERFECT” although it’s important to go through your flower girl’s and page boys responsibilities before the big day remember that no amount of practice will ensure their walk will go smoothly on the day. Not only this, but too much practice will do more harm than good adding that extra pressure on them to get it right.

Finally dress them so they are comfortable, if a child doesn’t like their outfit or feels uncomfortable they will not be happy and willing to do what’s asked of them, so bear this in mind when choosing their outfit.

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