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Ladies I just wanted share my experience with you all and pass on a few hints and tips to make your wedding morning run smoother and less stressful.

It may feel like loads of time when you have an afternoon ceremony but take it from me time will fly by so be prepared and allow plenty of time for everything you need to do that morning.

If you decide not to see your H2B on the morning of the wedding then arrange times for all the boys and all the girls to go to breakfast.

If you have children choose a family member or friend to take care of them and get them ready for you on the morning of the wedding. This maybe better in the person room rather than in your room.

Make a plan of who's helping you get in your dress and make sure they know how you get in it (ie over your head or step in and how to do it up. Have a practice run back in the uk take them to the dress shop for your final fitting and get them to show you how it’s best done.

Make sure whoever is helping you get in your dress is dressed and ready themselves as they may be having their photos taken while getting you ready.

Make sure the bridesmaids know how long it will take them to get in their dresses and that there is someone to do theirs up who knows how to do it.

Make sure whoever is helping you into your dress knows what time their transport is leaving and you have allowed them enough time to get you in your dress and then to get on their transport.

You know what time you are leaving the room / hotel so make sure you allow plenty of time to put on your dress and allow at least 20 mins for photos after.

Many hotel rooms can be small so think about who’s getting ready in your room, remember you’ll have a hair dresser, make up artist, 1 or 2 photographers and maybe a videographer in your room so although it’s a nice idea for all the bridesmaids, flowers Girls & mums to be in the one room sometimes it can make for a very cramped and stressful environment, so ask your bridesmaids and mums to actually get dressed in their own rooms where possible then come back to your room, this gives them privacy to get dressed and makes for less people in your room.

If you’ve booked your own hair & make up PLEASE make sure they know what time you need to be in your dress and they know what time any bridesmaids need to be ready and dressed to help you get in your dress. Just ask me if you need help working this out.

If you are doing your own hair and make please make sure you have practiced what your doing and know how long it’s going to take you, so you can allow plenty of time to do this without feeling rushed, which then makes you feel stressed.

Before you get in your dress ladies take a final trip to the toilet, there is nothing worse than getting in your dress and then deciding you need a wee!

Having a glass of champers on the morning of the wedding while your getting dressed is a nice idea and looks great in the photos, but please don’t drink too much, please make sure you drink lots of water too. Getting ready in a nice air conditioned room and drinking may feel fine at the time, but as soon as you leave the room and walk out into the Cyprus heat an humidity the alcohol will hit you like a ton of bricks and you could feel very unwell. Please don’t forget it will be a long day so start off slowly and drink alcohol in moderation and LOTS of water.

Again if you have children make sure you task a family member or friend not involved in the ceremony to take care of them during any transport and during the ceremony, you don’t need to be worrying about your children while trying to say your vows or while having photos taken.

Thats’s it for now I’m sure there will be more tips and hints to come as the season progresses but by sharing these with you now I hope I can help improve your wedding morning experience.

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