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ADVICE: Witnesses - All your questions answered.

Do I have to have witnesses?

ANSWER: Yes, you’re required by Cyprus Civil marriage law to have named witnesses to your civil ceremony and Anglican Ceremony.

How many do I need?


How old do they have to be?

ANSWER Over 18 and have a form of formal ID for example a passport.

Can they be a relative?

ANSWER Yes as long as the meet with the age & ID stipulation then that’s fine.

What paperwork do they need to provide?

You will need to declare their names and provide their passport numbers when completing the town hall information form.  
A photocopy of each witnesses passports will then be require when you attend the town hall appointment upon your arrival in Cyprus. 

Do they need to come to the town hall appointment with us? No

What do they need to do on the day?

The role of these the two witnesses is to witness that the act of marriage has taken place between the named bride & groom and to then sign the marriage certificate.  
At the end of the ceremony the registrar will call upon the two witnesses by name to come up to the ceremony table in turn to sign their names on the marriage certificate. 

Do they need to bring their passports on the wedding day?


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