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  • Falling in love with a wedding venue before knowing the  price of a holiday there can be very disappointing, so when looking at Hotel based weddings I aways advise my clients to; First check out the holiday prices,for when you want to come and if these prices have still yet to be released then check out the same time for the current year but please note these prices can only be used as a guide as they may be subject to a price increase or if your lucky a decrease.  

  • To do this I would suggest starting by searching on the 3 main tour operator sites, this way you can clearly see if the hotel offers the facilities you're looking for form your holiday, such as kids clubs, adults only, activities / entertainment, on the beach, that kind of thing. 

  • Start a list of the hotels that are within your holiday budget. 

  • If you want all of your guests to stay in the same hotel as you, you also need to consider what guests budgets might be. 

  • Once you've worked out yourshort list of hotels that are within your holiday budget / price range we can then start to look at their wedding facilities, do they offer the type of ceremony / reception venues you like, are they AI, B&B, self catering etc. 

  • There are very few hotels that now allow you to have your reception under the AI meal plan so if you're looking to keep down costs this way it's worth checking first. 

  • It's import to mention that some AI hotels have day pass systems so if your guests don't stay at the same hotel as the wedding they will be required to purchase an AI day pass in order to attend your wedding in the hotel. These day passes vary in price. 

  • There are some hotels where you can get married but you're not required to stay there for your holiday, this is often reflected in the hire price of the venue but always worth considering. 

  • If privacy is important to you then maybe a hotel wedding is not for you, many of the hotel ceremony & reception venues don't offer much privacy from the other hotel guests, so this is something you should consider. I'm always happy to advise you on those that offer more privacy than others. 

  • Some hotels still have more than one wedding a day,so it's good to be aware there may be other weddings being held that day. 

  • Many hotels have restrictions with regards to noise so if your the type of couple that wants to dance the night away in to the early hours this is something you need to consider when looking at venues. 

  • Many hotel have restrictions on suppliersthey allow into their hotel so this needs to be a big consideration when choosing your hotel, for example are you going to be allowed the photographer, entertainer or hairdresser you want or are you going to be forced to have your wedding cake made by the hotel? 

  • Finally the Surprise Element,I always like to remind clients choosing a hotel wedding that there will be other brides and grooms getting married during the lead up to your wedding, so if you plan to have your wedding guests stay with you in the same hotel they too will see these weddings before they see yours. Hence the element of surprise regarding your wedding venue and how it may look may well have lost it’s wow factor. 

You may find other companies are quick to try and get you to book often without telling you all these points first but I prefer my clients don't have any nasty surprises, so although some of these comments might appear negative I'm  really only just trying to make sure you know all the facts before you make that all important decision with regards your venue. 

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