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Our DJ Team

I provided my DJ team Andy & Korena with a list of dates at the start of each year ready for the wedding season, I will automatically add your date to this list unless you advise me otherwise. 


Approx 1 month prior to your wedding you will receive a DJ questionnaire form to complete, with the Genre of music you like and then details for your first dance song, last song of the night, any other special dances and 10 special requests and this will be sent to the DJ for the wedding. 


They have a team of English DJ's with a wealth of experience, once you complete your DJ questionnaire they will allocate the best DJ based on your music genre and the venue. 


TIP FROM YOUR WEDDING PLANNER when completing the  DJ questionnaire prior to your wedding, among the questions you will be asked for: 

  • “any special requests” please just list 5 to 10 songs that have meaning to you those "must have" songs  

  • "Genre of music you like"  Please think about the age range of your guests and what they might like to dance to and let us know if you want a good mix of songs for all age ranges for example 60’s & 70’s disco, or maybe some 90’s club tunes or maybe you prefer R&B with a mix of modern chart tracks. 

Either way, all our DJ’s have a massive catalog of music, allow your DJ to do what they do best judge their audience and keep the dance floor full - your DJ is always happy to take requests on the night but we want to see full dance floors so keep those list short and let the DJ do what they know best!



*The Interactive DJ Experience*


Our DJ can offer that full interactive experience assuming that your venue allows for this, what is an interactive DJ Experience I hear you say?


*Total Cheese* if you or your guest love all those cheesy songs with fun dance moves, then this is for you, they will make sure that at the appropriate time during the evening, they will play all those tunes and encourage your guests up to dance so get your macarena, oops up side your head, YMCA, tragedy and cha cha slide on!


*Dance Off* Fancy an old school dance off, boys v girls, bride v groom, then our DJ is more than happy to encourage this during the evening.


*Sing Along* love a good old sing along then no problem our DJ will has you covered, we, they will encourage a good old dance floor sing along playing those great sing-along songs such as Sweet Caroline, Wonder Wall, 500 Miles, Dancing Queen and Don’t stop Belevin.


*Games* If requested our DJ can arrange games such as Mr & Mrs Shoe Game  & Fetch (Fetch an item race) so if you want a break from the dance floor action then request your DJ arrange a game or two throughout the evening.


None of the above comes at an extra cost we will just make sure you are allocated the appropriate DJ for your choice of evening, so if you want any of the above be sure to add this to your DJ Questionnaire when completing this before your wedding day.    

€300 for up to 5 hours 
€350 for upto 6 hours 
€400 for upto 7 hours 
Extra hours at €50 per hour 
Extra hours after midnight €75 per hour

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