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It is very important to us that your cake be exactly what you want, for this reason we can only accept limited orders for each day. May to September gets very busy so we suggest securing your date with us as early as possible as we work on a first-come, first-served basis so ask your planner to send an introduction email to us with all your details and let's start talking cakes. 


We always offer open and honest advice on our cakes, we often receive enquiries for cakes that are inappropriate for the hot, humid weather in Cyprus. Whilst we want your cake to be exactly what you want, we also want you and your guests to enjoy looking at and eating your cake; so when, from experience, we know something will not work, it is our duty of care to tell you and give you alternative suggestions, rather than provide the cake regardless.

HOW TO BOOK: Ask your planner to send us an introduction email and we'll contact you to start discussing your cake design. 


  • 6” cake = 10 generous/up to 20 small portions €95

  • 8” cake = 15 generous/up to 35 small portions €120

  • 6” & 8” cake = 25 generous/up to 55 small portions €215

  • 4” 6” 8” cake = 31 generous/up to 65 small portions €275

  • 5” 7” 9” cake = 39 generous/up to 85 small portions €310

  • 6”, 8”, 10” cake = 50 generous/up to 120 small portions €375

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