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A marriage licence is necessary before any wedding can take place in Cyprus and you’ll find the fee for your licence included in your package details.


This process is not complicated but once you book with me,  I’m here to guide you through it and it’s all part of the service!


I normally ask you to forward me copies of the required documents for both the bride and groom, necessary for the issue of your marriage licence, in good time so I can get them checked with the local town hall, that way you can leave the UK knowing everything is all in order.



  • Full Birth certificates 

  • A Valid British passport

  • Certificate of freedom to Marry / Single Statutory Declaration if you live in England or Wales or A Certificate of No Impediment if you are resident in Scotland.

  • Photocopies of your Witnesses Passports. 


  • Decree Absolute 


  • Your original marriage certicicate

  • Death certificates of the deceased spouse.


  • Please let me know the reason and I will advise on the required documents. 


CLICK HERE to download a sample of the Single Statutory Declaration which you will require if you live in England or Wales. 


CLICK HERE for details on how to apply for your Certificate of No Impediment if you live in Scotland. 


The Anglian Church requires all the documents required for a Civil Ceremony mentioned to the left along with the below additional documents: 


  • The Anglican Church requires that at least one of you has been baptised into the Christian faith and they require you to bring the certificate(s) with you. 

  • The Chaplain will wish to commend you to your Church Priest or Minister back in the UK, so please bring the name and address of your local Parish Priest with you.  

  • You will also be required to fill in a Wedding Application Form, which will be sent to you electronically once you have booked your wedding. 

  • You will be required to attend a meeting with the church on your arrival in Cyprus. 


The Catholic Church requires all the documents required for a Civil Ceremony mentioned to the left along with the below additional documents: 


  • See your home Parish Priest at least 6 months prior to any wedding to get his agreement to a wedding abroad.

  • Conract the Catholic Paphos Parish us to pencil in a proposed date for wedding. 

  • Complete all paper work and pre marriage course

  • Your home Parish Priest to send papers to home Diocesan Chancellor

  • Diocese to send to our Vicar General at least 3 months before wedding

  • Our Vicar General gives us permission to do wedding.

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