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More and more of you are wanting more elaborate decor for your wedding venues and in order to make sure I offer my clients as much selection I've teamed up with “Cyprus Wedding Touches” to do just this. Cyprus Wedding Touches have a massive selection of all kinds of decor, a wide range of chair bows, table decor, arches, chairs, sweet karts, lights their selection is endless. Below you'll find their brochure please take a look and let me know if you would like to use their services and I’d be happy to introduce you to them so they can start to create your perfect wedding decor package. they have some great value packages to choose from or why not let them create you a mood board and your very own bespoke wedding decor package. 


NOTES FOR THOSE GETTING MARRIED IN A HOTEL: Please note if you are getting married or holding your reception in a hotel you may be required by their terms and conditions to book any decor via the hotel, so please check with me before booking. 

 The role of a wedding planner is to plan the wedding and make sure everything runs smoothly and to schedule on the day and as your planner this must be my priority on the day. As your wedding planner I'm more than happy to place name places, favors, guests books should you care to provide these yourselves, but please can I ask you to note the below: 



Name places, when supplying your own name places for me to put out on the day, please make sure these are separated into tables in separate clearly labelled envelopes or bags. It's very time consuming to sort these on the day especially for larger parties. If you're having a long, T shape table please put the name tags in order and if your having a U shape table separate into top, left and right as you look at the table from the front.



When bringing your own decorations for me to place for you, please consider the time that's needed to do this, I often only have a short space of time to do this and don't forget it's only me on the day I don't have any assistance so any decor that is flat packed and needs pre preparation, must all be pre prepared and ready in order for me to have time to put these in place and take care of the rest of the on day arrangements. Please note I do not have ladders etc with me on the day so I'm unable to hang items such as hanging pom-poms, bunting etc, unless they have been ordered via me in which case I will have made arrangements  to pre hang these items with the venue. 


Please note should  you choose to supply any decor,  in addition to the name places, favors and guest books, so that's  items such as table decor, chair bows, table runners etc please let me know what and how much you will be providing so we can work out any additional cost for placing these items for you on the day. For example to place your own chairs bows there will be a charge of 0.50 cents per chair bow , as this is a very time consuming job. 

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